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Moderator Application - Slyvka

Post by Slyvka on Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:10 am

Steam Name: [PK-Mafia]Slyٌٍٍِّّْ vka

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:43832341

Age: 15

How long you've played on Singularity Gaming: I think I played for about a month and a half.

How long you've played serious roleplay: Four months would be exact until I found this one, so about 5 months.

A long ass summary about why you should be a bloody moderator (80-150 words): The reason I would love to be a moderator on this server is because I've been with it for a long time and I would like to help it out in its youth and growth reason being is that I think this server would have a better player base if minges weren't on the server so often and I think I could straight out a few people and give them chances. I really think I could help out a lot if you give me a chance I would be a great influence and a great companion to players that what to apply.
(103 words 495 characters)

Any other servers you've moderated a player base on: SinGaming(Sinisters Server)


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