tls083097s BMD Application

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tls083097s BMD Application

Post by tls083097 on Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:16 pm

Steam Name:

Private Renalf

Steam ID:


Character Name:

Adam Romanovich
(Currently, I'm about to create the character in a moment, as GMod is being finicky with me and keeps disconnecting with a 40-second timer. :/)

IC: Why do you want to become a Black market dealer?

Born in a hospital like most kids of his age, Adam Romanovich was born in the midst of the Cold War (1985, Close to the end of the so-called 'War'), being exposed to most of the propaganda. When he was growing up in this time, he felt as such. Once the US did make it to the moon, he was struck with grief. He still felt pride...Until the Combine invaded in the 7 hour war. In the measly 7 hours, his country and beliefs were shattered. He felt as if he were still inclined to fight, as he had the inability to move on, despite his aging. (Approx. 30.)

OOC: Why should we choose you to become a Black market dealer?

When it comes to dealing with purchases or sales of any type, I'm serious about it. I won't just sell it to anyone. I would get caught too easily that way; which is why citizens will have to prove their defiance to the Combine Engine. If they try to rat my character out for loyalty points and bonuses, you can bet he's going to find them and make them pay like someone who deals illegal things should. I will also do work orders for citizens who really want the extra tokens. They will repair weapons, shine them, replace paint on them, and make sure they're in top condition. They must do detailed rp about it.

What roleplaying experiences do you have?:

I've roleplayed as a vort, a CCA, a rebel, a loyalist shopkeeper...I've basically roleplayed a lot of different types of characters through HL2RP or Combine Control. I also rp generic work like putting up posters or repairing and maintaining weapons, which is always fun.
I haven't done a drugrp yet, but I'll probably be doing that if I do become BMD.

Give us three detailed /me commands:

/me looks around, obviously checking to see if he's been found out before returning to his work at hand on the bench below him. He was repairing a small magnum, loaded with 6 bullets. He took out the bullets first, and put the safety on, as logic dictates.

/me carefully opens it, as he needs only one part to be replaced. He takes apart the back of the revolver, taking out the firing mechanism, it was jammed. Obviously, this lead to some problems firing the gun, as the bullet would not be shot. He inspected it.

/me deducts from the appearance that it's been severely weakened. He puts on a pair of blacksmith gloves before grabbing his prongs and depositing the piece into a small furnace he recently ordered from his suppliers. He waits until the steel is completely red hot, before quickly putting it into the water trough, causing steam to be released. This strengthened the piece. He takes it, buffs it using a buffing tool, and replaces it into the revolver, finishing the repair.

Define the term PK:

Permakill. Its when your character is declared permanently deceased. It leads to the character being unplayable.

Define the term Metagame:

Using out of character information (OOC) to gain an advantage, learn of a location or event happening IC.

Define the term LogicRP:

Using just common sense to rp. For instance, if you knew 'I shouldn't be doing this' You wouldn't do it. Just as you wouldn't run at someone with a gun. Or try and tell a BMD you're going to report him to the CCA when he is armed, and you have no chance of escaping. Just don't do something like '/me tries to choke an Overwatch' when ICLY you're supposed to fear them, and they're highly trained otherwise.

Define the term FearRP:

The act of acting afraid IC in rp situations where there is a threat or otherwise something like that happening where they might be dead in moments. Like Autonomous Judgement warrants this type of rp.

Anything else you want to add:

I originally am from Fireball gaming. I followed Rune to this server, and saw not a lot of applications on the website, so I decided to make an application for BMD here as well. I've played on that server for 3 days, but obviously, it's no longer...'Ok' to say the least.

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