Lore of Singularity Gaming (HL2 Nerds Wanted)

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Lore of Singularity Gaming (HL2 Nerds Wanted)

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2016 6:38 pm

Ok, I've been going over quite a few of iterations over what is going to have happened between the Black Mesa incident and Gordon Freeman's arrival in City 17.
Here's the one I've decided on, if you could add anything to it that'd be great.

- Gordon Freeman enters the test chamber
- Gordon sets of the resonance cascade opening the portal to the Xen.
- Nihilanth is defeated
- Gordon closes the Xen portal.
- Gordon accepts the G-man’s offer and is put into stasis.
- Weeks after the Black Mesa events an investigation into the company begins by the FBI.

- Black Mesa permanently shut down.
- Survivors from the Black Mesa events go into hiding as a manhunt begins.
- Portals appear around the Earth.
- The combine prepare to strike the earth after the Nihilanth’s failure.

2005-Early 2006
- The Combine armada makes its first strike.
- The Seven Hour War begins
- Earth losses the seven hour war.
- Earth Surrenders, Wallace Breen (previous Black Mesa Administrator) declared as Earth's representative and main Administrator to the Combine (The UU or Universal Union)
- Population control begins.
- 75% of Population remaining is amputated.
- Construction of Cities begins.
- Remaining survivors of earth are rounded up and put into the Combine database.
- Overwatch are installed by the Universal Union.
- Citizens are spread out into Human refugee camps, set up by the Combine.

- Civil Protection are authorized by the Universal Union.
- Cities 2-20 are completed, citizens are dispersed.
- Civil Protection begin Ration cycles, giving barely enough food for the Humans to complete slave labor.
- Dr. Wallace Breen sets up Administrators in every City.
- Suppression field created.

- Overwatch shows their force in the cities for the first time, crushing the Lambda rebellion and publicly amputating all rebel prisoners.
- Cities 21-45 are completed.
- City 2’s administrator is the first to be amputated for betrayal of the Combine.
- Civil Protection Authority creates the Citizen Loyalist Program (CLP)

- Rations are fully synthesized by the Combine.
- Conditions for non-loyalists worsen.
- Remaining food farms are scarce and completely under combine control.
- Loyalists are given whatever is left over from the farms after the CWU shops are filled and the City Administrators are satisfied.
- First Black level loyalist.

- Civil Protection Authority perfects their rank structure for ground units, i7-i1.
- Civil Protection Authority sets up different divisions, DAGGER, SWORD, SPEAR, UNION
- Overwatch sets up their own divisions, <::CLASSIFIED::>
- Biotics are put to work by the Civil Protection Authority.
- Portals on the Outland’s bring in more Xen creatures such as the Antlions.

- Lambda Resistance recovers in secret.
- Breencasts begin, a monthly message to the Citizens of the UU.
- Administrator broadcasts begin.

- Green Star resistance takes cities 1-7 under their control.
- Majority of Overwatch are dispatched to combat the Green Star rebellion.
- Union create Sub-Division JURY to deal with corruption and major crimes.
- SeC of C18 create RAZOR as their personal units. SeC of C45 creates STORM.

2017-Early 2018

- Due to former corruption charges, City 18 is installed with a SYNTH until order in the CPA is restored.
- To combat the rebel threat, SeC.420 created OPERATION IUOC, which installs a conscripted military force inside City 18 to combat rebel threats.

- Gordon Freeman is awoken by the G Man.


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