Qball's Staff Application

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Qball's Staff Application

Post by Qball on Fri Jan 15, 2016 6:33 pm

My name is Qball, Gmod player.

==[Why do i want to apply for staff?]==

I want to help make the server better and do what's best for the proud Owners, Broken, Cake, and TheDew.

==[Tell us about yourself]==

I was born in 7/30/01, almost died at birth. I am in highschool in the 9th grade, and i am going to college when i get older. I don't know what i plan to do as a job yet, i am still thinking. I know i just joined teh server, but like i said, i want to help make it better. The server is still developing and players are joining every day. The people want nice and friendly admins like how the owners are. I am also a trustworthy person, so i wouldn't abuse. As some of you know me from Fireball.

This is my application.


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